Director Services in production for all areas of film & video.

(Film, Commercials, Music Videos)

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Services that correlate with advertising & film releases.

(Theater booking & Promotions)

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Services the company offers in relation to recording studio aspects.

(Vocal Dubbing for film, Studio Recording, Mix/Mastering)

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BridgeLine Studios LLC is a full function production studio that handles all aspects of film production and studio recording needs.

Along with the technical side of the entertainment business, we offer in-depth personalized consultation based on your production needs (Pre & Post Production).




Music – To – Movies


BridgeLine Studios LLC works hard to bring you the very best in audio and video services to stretch across all platforms & county lines. Whether you are an undiscovered indie artist or have millions of hits on youtube. Our goal is to ensure your project gets the maximum coverage across all social platforms both nationally and internationally.

We creatively develop and refine your product image in correlation to your needs, establishing a customized personal experience. 

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