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Studio Recording

We use top of the line equipment to ensure that we capture the most prestige quality for your projects. Our input chain consists of a Blue Kiwi microphone, going into a 192 kHz Apogee Ensemble interface plugging directly into a Mac Pro cylinder  thats equipped with a 32GB of RAM &  28TB of storage space.  Our two-room air-conditioned booth ensures minimal sound leakage with the capacity of 3person/instrument recording sessions..

Album Production

We offer budget directed plans that are flexible and can be personalized to fit any artist, offering flexible payment options. Our budget plans allow the artist along with BridgeLine to concentrate on the music.

Along with recording, we offer insights to creating upscale commercial quality music.

At BridgeLine Studios we provide out clients with the full package experience. With our clients assured time and investment we can consult and guide you flawlessly through the entire process, from creating the first single to capturing your first music video.


Mixing & Mastering


Once the initial stage of recording your track is completed, mixing phase.  We have the skills and ability to create a rich big budget sound with our extensive and ever growing library of plugins. We bring a distinct level of quality with our vocal key signatures and life to your track with our analog sounding effects.  With your provided stems of the track we have the ability to mix down the entire track to fit your vocals and are able to sync the vocals and instruments together creating a natural commercial feel.

Through both the mixing and mastering phase we provide unlimited revisions ( in the progressive direction) until you are completely satisfied.

Once you have approved the mixing phase, we progress towards the mastering phase. In this phase all levels of the track are ensured that every sound and vocals are at commercial levels and will play smoothly across all mediums (CD, Car, PC, Headphones, etc).


Color Grading

Using DaVinci Resolve Studio 12 Avid Artist Color  as well as  dual 4K  monitors, we are equipped to handle all grading tasks. Since the recommended capture log for any filming is RAW, our first stage is color correction. Once we balance the video scopes, we then proceed to enhance the image giving it a color tone that best fits your story tone.

Due to large file sizes, we have an upgradeable storage bank of 28TB running chain linked through thunderbolt 2. Along with local storage, if you have a similar setup we can remotely grade your project as long as you have DaVinci Resolve Studio 12 edition with a fast Internet speed.

This system setup at our studio allows us to manage and render 4K output formats with ease. However, if your need is a downsized rate we can accommodate this as well.

Film Editing

Using FCPX DaVinci Resolve Studio 12  we can edit all source formats. Along with the editing process, we can add text VFX work to complete your project all in studio.


How we Edit:


  • Import all media & create proxy files to ensure streamline work flow.
  • Create edits and transistions
  • Upload initial edit to dropbox for review (private link)
  • Modifications to timeline & Final transitions

Film Audio Dubbing

Using a dedicated quick stream monitor located inside the recording booth, we can sync your studio vocals to the mouth movements on screen. This way there is a direct link with the live audio and studio recorded audio.

We also use the software setup of Vocal Align Pro 3 to provide natural sounding dubbing whenever the tone doesn’t match in the studio takes.

RedBook Mastering


What is redbook masterting? It is the process of finalizing tracks and polishing them to equal levels so that your listeners get an even audio level. This is the final phase of your album release; this combines all the tracks together and levels them.


Visualize Your Project & Allow us to Bring it to Life!

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At BridgeLine Studios We Put the Client First

Our mission is to assist our clients in all phases of production.

We believe and pride ourselves in putting our clients first and providing them with the best level of service at affordable rates and establishing long lasting relationships.

Due to demand our studios book out weeks in advance, however we can create a schedule that fits around both the client and company.  We do everything possible to ensure the completion of your project in the given time frame.

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